Lesco Online Bill Check

Are you tired of keeping track of paper bill statements? There are numerous standard paper bills, statements and invoices that you can’t avoid from your electric company to your internet service provider. If you have ever misplaced or lost a paper bill, it can be a time-consuming task to search for the statement. The good news is that your paper bills can now be converted into an electronic bill. Lesco Online Bill Check is here to offer you a convenient way to access and view your monthly bill on the internet. Why not take advantage of this valuable service today?

What is Lesco?

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) is a public limited company that is responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power in Lahore, Pakistan. In 1988, WAPDA established Lesco (Lahore Electric Supply Company) as a separate entity to manage power distribution in Lahore.

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has introduced an online billing system for its customers across the city. The new system will help bring transparency in the power sector and also ensure timely payments by consumers.

Check Bill Online with Lesco

Lesco provides many services to its customers, and one of them is checking their bills online. Lesco provides customers with a range of services including:


    Bill payment facility


    Checking bill online


    Online payment facility


    SMS Alert

The Lesco online billing system is quite user-friendly and allows users to pay their bills online or check their previous month’s bills on their mobile devices. In order to check your Lesco bill online you must have a “Reference Number” that is a (14 -digit number) and “Customer ID – 7 digit number” that is mentioned on your bill. You can find your reference number and customer ID on the top left corner of your bill. Every person has its own unique reference number which remains the same across all the bills (either new or old). It is not possible to check your Bill online on Lesco without knowing its Reference Number.

You have to follow the steps given below:

Steps to Check Lesco Bill Online



Now, you will be able to see all the information about your monthly bills with the amount paid and due for payment. NYou are not just able to check the bill online on Lesco website you can also get a duplicate bill on Lesco.

Lesco Duplicate Bill

A Lesco duplicate bill is a copy of your last paid bill from Lesco (Lahore Electric Supply Company). This bill is the exact copy of your original Lesco bill that is posted to your residential address. The bill is issued in case of a problem with the original or current bill. You can view, download and print this duplicate bill any time on Lesco website.

Reasons for Providing Lesco Duplicate Bill

There are many reasons which you can use to get a duplicate bill. Here are some of them:

  • To provide proof of payment in case of any dispute: A duplicate bill can be used as evidence in court if required. It also provides proof that you have paid the amount due on your account.
  • To apply for loan: If you want to apply for a loan then it is advisable to provide your current and past electricity bills along with other paperwork which will help you get approved easily.
  • Lost or misplaced Original Bill: You have lost or misplaced your original bill. In this case, the best thing you can do is viewing and downloading a duplicate copy from Lesco website.
  • Keeping hard copy records is difficult: You can’t keep records in hard copy, because it is really difficult to maintain a record. If you want to keep a record of your transactions, then duplicate bills are the best option for you.
  • Scholarship funding to students requires bills records: When the student gets scholarship funding for higher studies from the government or any other organization, then he or she needs this type of duplicate bill for claiming scholarship funds from them later on.

Method of Viewing, Downloading and Printing Lesco Duplicate Bill

Lesco website not only provides the ease of checking your bill online but it also provides the facility of viewing, downloading and printing the Lesco Duplicate bills for the maintenance of your electricity record. A brief guide is provided below on viewing, downloading and printing Lesco Duplicate bill:

    To View Lesco Duplicate Bill

To view a Lesco duplicate bill one must know the reference number of its bill. Follow the instructions below to check Lesco bill:

    Type your bill reference number and customer Id in the text box
    Click on the proceed button
    Screen will show you the Lesco Bill
    To view the full Bill, click on the preview button on the image
    To view the old Lesco duplicate bill, open the latest bill and select the option of Previous Lesco duplicate bill view
    To Download Lesco Duplicate Bill

If you want to analyze the bill then make it easy for you by downloading the lesco duplicate bill. You can download it by following steps:

    Open you view the lesco duplicate bill, click on the preview
    Click on the three dots present in upper right screen
    Click on three dots and you will get many options, among these select the download option
    Allow the device to download the duplicate bill and it starts downloading
  • To Print Lesco Duplicate Bill

Lesco provides the facility of printing the bill . Due to the facility of printing the duplicate bill people can pay their bill form anywhere if they did not have the bill at that place. If one is far away from home and could find the time to take the bill back, one can easily take its print and pay the bill on time. But to avail this service one must have a printer or access to a photocopy shop to take out the print in hard copy. Follow the instructions below to print out the bill:

    Connect the mobile/PC to the printer
    View the Lesco Duplicate Bill Online
    Click on the three dots present on the upper right corner of the screen
    Select the option of Print and then layout of the printing
    Proceed the printing and take out the print in hard copy


Lesco is the major electricity supply company with best customer services in Lahore, Pakistan. Lesco has made it easy for everyone to check their latest electricity bill online and also provide the service of viewing, downloading and printing the Lesco duplicate bill. If you want to check your bill details, then you should visit the Lesco website and just enter your reference number from which you want to check your bill status. It’s a convenient way to manage and maintain your billing records.


The Lesco Online Bill Check is an online facility which allows customers to check their billing details. You can check your real-time bill and past bills, view payment history and make payments conveniently through this service.

Yes, you can check your bill online for any other month as long as it is not more than 12 months old from when you are checking it now. You will need only one meter reading from that particular month to check your bill online for that particular period so if there was no problem with your electricity supply during those days then go ahead and check your bill online.

No, there are no charges for checking your bill online through Lesco. You just have to pay for electricity usage as per actual reading of the meter by paying the due amount within the due date mentioned on the monthly statement which will be reflected in next month’s statement as well as in your bank account.