LESCO New Connection

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) is a government owned department. The department not only supplies electricity to its citizens but also offers new account connections and shifts the existing connection. This article gives information about lesco new connection application, lesco new connection fee, new connection document, Lesco new connection tracking, etc.

How to Apply for Lesco New Connection?

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) is a government utility which provides electricity in Lahore and the surrounding area. Lesco has recently launched its online portal for new connections and other services. This is good news for all residents of Lahore as it will make the process of applying for new connections easier than ever before. The process of applying for Lesco new connection is a Step by Step process which is explained below:

Lesco online bill check
Lesco new connection

  • STEP 1

Visit ENC (Electricity New Connection) System for Submitting Lesco Online Application Form

The ENC (Electricity New Connection) is an online platform where you can apply for Lesco new connections easily and quickly. To Apply for Lesco new connection you have to visit the ENC system website. Choose the Application Form for the new connection option and go through the Application Form. You just have to fill out the required information about your property and submit it online.

  • STEP 2

Provide the Required Information for Submission of Online Application

The following information is required in order to submit an application for new connection in Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO):

  • Choose the Type of Connection from the options according to Your Requirement as Commercial, Domestic, Agricultural, Industrial, General Services, Tube well, Street Light, Residential Colonies, Temporary Connection.
  • Choose District Company related to Your Area, For example for Lesco Connection related District will be Lahore
  • Choose Related sub division of the District
  • Enter NTN (National Tax Number) and STRN (Sales Tax Registration Number)
  • Choose Application Status as from (Owner/ Rental
  • Name of the Applicant
  • Applicant Father Name
  • CNIC Number of Applicant
  • Present or Permanent Address of Applicant
  • Applicant Mobile number (More than One)
  • Contact Person Name, Mobile Number and Present Address
  • Contact Person Relationship with the Applicant
  • Applicant Email ID
  • Information of Already Installed Meters on Applicant’s Name
  • Minimum Load required for Meter (in kWh)
  • Neighbor Name, Address and Bill Referenced Number
  • Choose the Meter Installation company from the provided options
  • STEP 3

Provide Required Documents

Provide the Scanned copy of the Required Documents to Online portal as mentioned below:

  • You have to provide the Property document copy as a proof for the ownership of Land Like Registry also attested by the Oath Commissioner.
  • You also have to provide the Stamp paper attested by the Oath Commissioner that confirmed that there is no meter already installed on the requested place and there are no dues left for payment.
  • If there are any dues remaining to pay then the applicant has to Pay it first.
  • Property Owners have to provide No objection certificate if the Applicant is a renter.
  • Applicant have to provide the attested copy of its CNIC
  • Applicant also have to provide the CNIC copies of the Witnesses
  • Applicants have to Provide the Neighbor electricity Bill copy.
  • STEP 4

Submit the Application Form

Click on the Submit button at the end of the form and you will be redirected to another page where you can see your “Application Status” under the Status column; if it says “Accepted”, then congratulations! Your application has been accepted and now all you need to do is wait for someone from the LESCO team to visit your place.

  • STEP 5

Print out your Application Form for Lesco new Connection

You are requested to print out your Application Form for Lesco new connection. If you do not have the printer then you can take it from your nearest office by using any online printer. During the installation time, LESCO representatives will ask for it and then proceed with the verification process.

  • STEP 6

Attach All the required documents with Printed Application Form

The applicant needs to provide all the required documents along with the application form to get a new electricity connection. You are required to attach all the original documents along. If any document is missing in your application then it may lead to rejection of your application and if there is any discrepancy between the documents submitted to us and those uploaded in your profile then also it may result in rejection of your application.

  • STEP 7

Send Documents to Related Office

Send All the related documents and Application form for new connection to the related Office of Lesco. If your application is complete and all the required documents are submitted then it may take around 30 days to get a new electricity connection. But make sure all your documents are original and verified so that the further procession of the application may occur.

  • STEP 8

 Issuance of Lesco Demand Notice Occured after Verification of Documents

A Demand Notice is the letter that you receive from your electricity supplier, informing you that you have to pay the outstanding bill amount. The demand notice can be issued only after verification of documents. In this case, the demand notice will be issued only after all the documents are verified and approved by the electricity supplier. The verification process may take a few days or weeks depending on the number of documents that need to be verified and approved.

  • STEP 9

Submit the Lesco demand notice to the mentioned bank

You have to submit the demand notice to the bank. After receiving the demand notice, you have 15 days to submit it at any branch of the mentioned bank. You will be asked to pay a Lesco new Connection fee. The estimated fee for lesco new connection is about 7500 rupees or above it.. You can also confirm the fee from the related office.

  • STEP 10

Submit the paid demand notice copy to the Lesco office for further processing

You have to submit a copy of the paid demand notice to the Lesco office. The lesco office will verify your payment receipt. If the demand notice payment is correct, then they will send you the copy of the demand notice along with an application form for a new connection.

  • STEP 11

After verification of the Lesco demand notice the new connection will be installed

You need to wait for 3-4 days after the verification of Lesco demand notice. After that, you will get a call from the Lesco office to install your new connection. The new connection will be installed by the lesco technician. The Lesco office will send you a call for installation of your new connection. You have to inform them about the day and time when you can receive the technicians at your place for installation of the new connection.

How can you Track Lesco New Connections?

You can track your new connection by visiting the lesco website. You will get a link on the homepage of their website for tracking your new connection. You have to enter your application number or meter number in that form and click on the submit button. You will get all the details about your new connection on the screen. It has been a wonderful experience of getting a new connection from Lesco.


Lesco is the largest distribution utility of electricity in Pakistan. Lesco is responsible for generation, transmission, distribution, new connection and supply of electricity to customers in the province of Punjab.The process of applying for a new connection is fairly simple and straightforward. To get a new connection, you need to complete the required information in the application form correctly and submit it with the relevant documents at any of the Lesco offices. The LESCO will get back to you within 7 days with your application status, if approved, then you have to pay the connection fee, otherwise it will be rejected by the Lesco. After verification of all the documents lesco Technicians will install the new meter connection.