How to check demand notice?

If LESCO has sent you a demand notice, this may be cause for concern. A bill sent to a client with an urgent payment deadline is known as a demand notice. It’s critical to verify the notice’s accuracy and ensure that you are not the victim of fraud. We’ll walk you through the procedure of checking a demand notice from LESCO in this article

Step 1: Verify the Date and Amount.

Checking the demand notice’s date and the amount owed is the first step. Make sure the amount is accurate and the date is current. You can ask LESCO customer service for more details if you’re unsure of the sum.//

Verify the sender in step two.

Verifying who sent the demand notice is the next step. Verify that the notice is coming from LESCO and not a fraudster. Verify the contact details, including the phone number and email address, on the notice. To verify the sender’s legitimacy, you can also go to the LESCO website.

Check for errors in Step 3.

Check the demand notice for any mistakes. Verify that your account number, name, and address are accurate. To have any errors fixed, get in touch with LESCO customer service.

 Your Payment History in Step 4

Check your payment history with LESCO to make sure your payments are current. If you’re uncertain, you can ask LESCO customer service for clarification.

Take action in Step 5.

You can pay the demand notice as soon as possible if everything is in order. A LESCO office, the phone, or online are all acceptable methods of payment. Contact LESCO customer service to talk about your payment options if you’re unable to make the full payment.


It can be stressful to receive a demand notice from LESCO, but by taking these actions, you can confirm its validity and proceed as necessary. Prior to making a payment in response to any demand notice, always make sure to verify the date, the amount, the sender, and your payment history. Never hesitate to ask LESCO customer service for help if you need it with anything.

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